Unguided aims inspire and empower people to take on an adventure of their own.

The idea is to inspire those of the adventurous inclination to get out and take on new challenges by building a  crowd sourced database of trips, tips and travel advice that is always linked to a location on a map so you can always see what is around you, and find relevant information.

Unguided was driven by my own desire to find information in user friendly format. By linking all information to a map, comments and user input can easily be found and tracked making trip planning easier than ever!

For me its about the adventure and accessibility to new adventures. I like to find new genres in new places but found i was often held back by the difficulty in finding basic information for trip planning and the cost of paying for guided trips.

I don’t aim to take away from the use of guides rather challenge people to step out of their comfort zone. Guides play a key role in enjoying trips and more importantly bring knowledge and experience that makes the trip safer. If nothing else guided trips are a stepping stone to trying some independent travelling.

Many of my trips are guided for safety, comfort and enjoyment. Your experience and personal safety should always be the first consideration in undertaking any such trip.

This is only the first stage – Unguided has huge plans to realise its huge potential.


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