Simply Somerset

A walking weekend through the Public Paths of Somerset.

Start: Frome End: Bath

Night 1; in the George hotel, Frome, enjoying the amazing Four Poster bed street view balcony and delicious complimentary english breakfast

Night 2; Mollies Huts, Trudoxhill, spend the night in the amazing Shepherds cabins in a secluded corner of the property. The included farm breakfast gives you fresh eggs, along with all supplies for a cooked breakfast fit for an active day in the country side. The simple cabins, free from power and ‘modcons’ are a great way to escape from a busy lifestyle.

Curiously the property owners are the vets for the region treating the very elite horses on the Orchardleigh estate. The very welcoming Mollie may well give you some history of the walk you have just done.

Night 1 to Night 2 (~22Km); setting off from Frome head north for Orchardleigh estate following the towpath towards the public paths north of Frome. Ordinance Survey #183 will be very useful for this venture.

Heading up the hill of cornfields and through a small shrubbery you will find yourself crossing the Orchardleigh airstrip before down past the church. Head towards the church (noting the stables) taking the small bridge to the left you will need to persevere to reach the estate lake.

Up the hill and through the golf course take a hard right through the woods towards Buckland Dinham. Get lost in the woods and eventually pop out the other side. Look to your right (West) and aim for the town where you can enjoy a remarkable Ploughmans lunch.

From here you head down the hill and follow the European long distance trails (on the map) to end up passing through Wheatley and eventually along a river to the town of Nunney.

And isn’t Nunney Castle amazing! Plan some time here for sure. Bring a picnic and sit in the castle. Admission is seemingly unrestricted but caution should be exercised next to the deep moat!

From here you gun for Trudoxhill and the amazing Mollies hut!

Night 2 to Bath (~16Km); after a sleep in, extensive cooked breakfast and generally enjoying the farm we were late. So a £40 taxi (as opposed to taxi and train) had us in Bradford on Avon in no time.

Following the path to a Bath we shot along quickly stopping very soon into the wall at the incredible pub at Avoncliff (Cross Guns, see photo). Taking in the spectacular aqueduct we zoomed on enjoying the amazing ricersode path before eventually hitting the beautiful town of Bath.

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