Whitewater, Victoria Falls, Zambia

You’ll be hard pressed to find more navigable white water in such a short stretch

Definitely the most exhilarating white water experience of my life

The deep gorge overlooked by the bridge high above that is the link between Zambia and Zimbabwe makes for a truly remarkable setting. Match that with a high density and intensity of rapids and the relatively low paddle time between between them and you have an insane day out.

Despite the inherent risks involved with this kind of activity they are well managed through a diligent briefing at the start to understand the groups abilities as well as a high proportion of skilled kayakers/guides leading and trailing the group to help out as necessary.

This feature image came on our third category 5 rapid and really brought home the reality of how on your own you feel when you are being rag-dolled in strong white water. Not something to take lightly!

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