Snowshoe, Romania

A week in the gorgeous Bucegi Mountains

The opportunity to spend the week in Romania untouched mountains is certainly not one to be passed up!

This trip was a magical blend of cultural Romanian sights and untouched mountain exploration.

The trip was inspired by a work colleague who put me in touch with a local from Brasov who runs a guiding business. Our guide Horia was amazing! He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and flexible to accommodate our group. I was particularly impressed by his depth and breadth of knowledge which had us exploring all sorts of interesting topics are we ventured into the mountains.

The walking was a 5 day loop through the mountains shown roughly below – unfortunately this is not the exact route but very close.

The trip was intended to see mountains untouched by tourism and experience life the way locals do. We got exactly that.

We met some fantastic people – none of whom spoke english but were extremely welcoming into their homes – operating as pensions – for us to eat and stay the night. This were experiences that i cannot imagine having without an extremely familiar Romanian speaking guide who had approached these properties in preparation and arrange for our accomodation.


Some meals were almost entirely sourced from the property with produce like the milk being freshly milked as needed. Truly magical.

The day to day walking wa snot overly strenuaous with sensible length walks and the option to add detpurs and or photo stops was always there.

And there was a lot to see, with every peak or forest bringing another jaw dropping landscape.


The trails were a mix of total uncharted trails, more clealry defined tracks and some back country access roads. As always in the mountains the weather brought spectacular contrasts with extreme wind and cold at times offset by gorgeous sun making for idyllic walking in the woods.


This trip was relatively safe. The main concern at this time of year was the extremely variable weather that should not be under estimated. There was never a shortage of water around and the trails passed from small village to village where emergency shelter could be sought. No one we encountered for the 5 days spoke english and we were extremely dependant on our guide or signalling for this. If you are on your own take phrase book.






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