Ice climb, El Chalten, Argentina

El Chalten – an outdoor mecca in Argentina

Exploring Glaciers is definitely high on the list of activities to be sought out when in town along with much exploration to be had in the nearby Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre.

Getting there is a bit of an ordeal – its not the most accessible due to its remote location in Southern Argentine. We bussed there from San Carlos Bariloche with relative ease only to find that the place is so small its next to impossible to find somewhere to stay.

Venturing out onto the ice is not for the faint hearted and if you are unfamiliar with Glacier risks (like i was) – then it is best to take a guided trip.

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This is not only safer but enables better environmental management in the area that is under strain as the glaciers melt. Guided trips provide safe access onto the glacier and have access to the infrastructure to do this from the lake.

Glacier exploring is absolute bliss! The pristine environment, isolation and feeling of vulnerability as the weather runs its course.

This trip had the opportunity to climb a number of crevasses that could be entered safely from below. Guides set anchors at the top of the climb and lessons began.

Little did i know how much i’d love ice climbing. Having tried my hand a rock climbing and enjoying it more for the social aspect than the climbing itself i expected more of the same. But adding crampons and  ice axes is an absolute game changer!

All in all an expensive but fantastic day of adventure!


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