Kepler Track, New Zealand (Sth)

A ridge line adventure offering weather, views and peace on the trails.

The Kepler track was chosen as a slightly quieter walk in the Milford Sound region.

The trip consisted of 3 nights (4 days) of walking and the weather was extremely variable with destructive wind and rain on the initial accent almost crippling some of the walkers on the trail.

Thankfully the National parks service insist on the use of a hut in this area (Luxmore Hut) which is like any other mountain hut providing shelter from the unforgiving conditions and snow overnight (in April!).

inst-20160411-New_Zealand-366 (1)

Once up the hill the walk follows some amazing ridgelines before descending again at the end of the third day walking into the cool climate rainforest.




We opted for camping the second and third which was a fantastic choice. That said, this is a trek that could be done by less experience walkers, or possibly with children if you chose to stay in huts the whole way. You would need to carry food but could operate with minimal sleeping equipment to make the loads considerably lighter.


Water was never an issue filling up at the huts and odd stream along the way but there are a few points to note:

  • The weather is extremely variable. We experienced very strong wind and rain with overnight snow whilst also stripping right down when the sun came out. Prepare for all conditions!
  • There is little in the way of harmful wildlife but caution should be take when camping around Kia birds. Leaving our tent un attended for 20 minutes saw a ravaging by the birds leaving holes in sleeping mats, the tent, dry bags and other minor damage. Be very careful not to leave your gear unattended as they have learnt that people have food!

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