Kungsleden – “The Kings Trail” – is a enormous Loop trek that links up Finland, Norway and Sweden and is often completed of 30+ days. This small segment offers a snapshot into what the trail has to offer and is the most popular leg due to the relatively easy start and end access.

  • Getting there:

    Sleeper Train 16 hrs Stockholm to Kiruna. Bus from Kiruns to Nikkoloukta.Being relatively unfamiliar and totaly unstructured with the way that I was travelling at the time i chose to take a sleeper train from Stockholm Central Station. Whlst this was by no means the fastest or moast glamorous meansof travel it is peaceful, scenic and a great way to meet some like minded people. HOT TIP – It would seem that if you buy your train ticket to Nikkouloukta the bus is included (i learnt from some locals making the same trip) and this will eliminate complications when get off at Kiruna.

  • Getting Away:

    Sleeper Train Abisko to Kiruna. What a fantastic way to end the trip with a civilised train ride back to civilisation. Important itmes to remember; If you are using a flexible ticket or donthave a booking at all take the train timetable with you so you can comfortably time your last day to end at a train. There isn’t a great deal to do in Abisko if you miss the last train.If you can make the timing work then the restaurant at the end, just opposite the station, is fantastic for a buffet style Swedish cuisine lunch before an afternoon train. YUM!

  • Time of Year and Weather:

    I am by no means an expert in Scandinavain adventure but it must be noted that the the weather is extremely variable being in an arctic environment. The rain comes with little waring ansd when the sun briefly dissapears behind the mountains the cold will sneak up on you alarmingly quickly. I was walking in late July / Early August and planned to take 5 nights but this was revised on-the-fly as the rain set in and simply did not stop (another good reason for a flexible train ticket). I was also surprised to be walking through knee deep snow for the best part of my third day as shown in the

  • Maps:

    Whilst the route is reasonably clear for the majority of the walk you will need a map. This will be especially importatnt if you need to divert around snow or up/down a fast flowing river. The Map i used was _____________

  • Crossing Water:

    All of the major river crossings / gorges are bridged in some manner if you are following the main route. Caution should be taken when crossing smaller rivers with standard water corssing precautions taklen including wearing an alternative pair of footwaer to protect your feet from the potentially freezing conditions when walking.

  • Camping and Huts:

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