Banff, Canada

Banff, even after a 13hr overnight bus, is a stunning town.

I knew immediately that I would have my work cutout exploring the area so I immediately setoff to hit the southern side of the river. After a lap of the national parks museum to understand the origins of the national parks system and get a better idea of the significant hot springs in the area I wandered toward the river for a scenic picnic.

I caught a bus to the base of Sulphur Mountain and, with Grouse Grind in recent memory, setoff for the top of the Muntain to beat the imminent weather. I made it just in time which forced a Gondola ride down and straight to the hot baths to relax after the hike.

Day two was an early hike up tunnel mountain before breakfast and checkout. Then, armed with a borrowed bear spray, I setoff for the Vermilion Lakes. On foot I overcame my anxiety about bears and made it to the first lake. Unfortunately, numerous warnings from rangers and others suggested a grizzly on the road ahead would make further progress unsafe.

Back to the Hostel and to the Greyhound station for a bus to Calgary!

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