The Rockies, Canada

I arrived in Calgary early Friday afternoon,

Kevin picked me up and introduced me to the infamous North American Mountain equipment stores before a beer and dinner at a local pub.

The next morning an early start saw us beeline for Peter Lougheed Provincial  park with borrowed snowshoes on the pack. We setoff for the forks campground (7.5km) walking through stunning scenery and setup camp near to the river. From here we took our snowshoes and setoff up to the Turbine campground however fading light and signififcant extents of snow conditions forced our return without making it to the top (the view was still great!). That night we sat around a campfire and met a bunch of others from all over the place before packing it in.

Hot-stepping it back to the car we headed for Canmore to make lunch with Kevin’s Dad and Partner with infamous Bison Burgers (previously recommended from the region). From Lunch we made it back to Calgary for a refresh and then Dinner with Kevins Mum to finish off a great weekend.

Monday consisted of strolling around town and along the banks of the Bow and Elbow rivers intervened by Lunch with Kevin and friends and a tour of the latest, greatest and tallest tower in town.

Then to the airport for a flight to Vegas!

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