Canada, Vancouver – Adventure Begins

After leaving my job a few weeks earlier I landed In Vancouver as the first of three stops in Canada as I make my way to resettle in the UK.

Vancouver was a great starting spot and provided sufficient entertainment to get over drag me through the jet lag. I stayed on Granville Rd – the centre of town with lively hostels and a heap of solo travellers to explore with.

The first day was an action packed day in the form of a ferry and bus to North Vancouver to hike across Lyn Canyon suspension bridge to a Swimming hole at the base of a waterfall. The bridge was a tourist magnet which, once negotiated left you wandering through the forest to a gorgeous swimming haven with a 30 foot waterfall jump (not for the faint hearted).

In a moment of spontaneity we cut short our return journey to catch a BUs to the base of the Grouse Mountain. We setoff on the infamous (locally) ‘Grouse Grind’ which consists of unrelenting stairs in numbers one doesn’t dare count in search of views of Vancouver. We arrived at the top late in the day but managed a sunset up the trip back to town to closeout the first day and a victory over the jet lag.

Following our adventurous day we setoff for a tour of Vancouver heading to Granville island for a coffee and market wandering before walking around the bay to Gastown. We ventured through the Hasting St markets and around miscellaneously before hitting Chinatown (guiding our newfound Swiss friend) for lunch. We wander to the Vancouver Tower for a drink in the revolving bar and then aqua-bussed our way to Granville Island for a full beer tasting at the Brewery.

After a slow start to day 3 I hired a bike (with a newfound British friend) and setoff for Stanley Park. We rode around the entire park and then back through the gust to checkout some of the peaceful lakes. Another hour or two saw us back at Granville island for a return trip to the bike store. The ride was backed up by Burritos in Gastown, local (decent) coffee and a relaxed afternoon before Japanese dinner.

Another day and a half involved further wandering around Vancouver exploring the sights before an overnight Greyhound bus to Banff!

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